6 Stunning Presentation Templates That Won't Break the Bank

I’m not a big fan of presentation templates. Which might sound ironic, since I offer presentation templates for free (and for sale) on Martafy.com.  

My problem with templates is simple: I think they tend to hamper “storytelling.” And storytelling is the most important part of a great presentation. 

But let’s assume that you’ve read my posts about storytelling or you’ve graduated from my Udemy course, and your story is SOLID. 

Now you just need a little help making the slides look amazing. 

THAT, my friends, is when a stunning presentation template can help. 

Here’s my personal list of favorite, inexpensive templates for just this sort of need. 


1. HELIUM PowerPoint (and Keynote) Template

Helium is a gorgeous template (available in both PowerPoint and Keynote formats) that screams “modern and minimal.” It’s clean and elegant, and reminds me of a classy magazine layout. 

Grab a copy for just $15 here >>

 2. NASH Keynote Template

 NASH is a widescreen Keynote template that offers over 100 beautiful slides, 50 customizable infographic designs, 8 “Mockup” slides (for a notebook, computer, tablet, phone, watch, etc. — perfect for a presentation that features an app or website!) and ample style points. 

Available here for $15 >> 

3. BUSINESS PLAN PowerPoint Template

If you’re crafting an investor pitch or a presentation focused on your company stats, the BUSINESS PLAN presentation template offers some simple yet stunning diagrams, tables, timelines and other essential layouts in its 120 slide bundle. 

It comes in both standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) layouts, with lots of customization options for just $22. (Yes, technically that’s >$20, but close enough!) 

Get yours here >>

 4. COSITA PowerPoint Presentation Template

If you’re looking to strike a retro/hipster vibe, then the COSITA template is for you. It blends subtle, vintage-looking colors and graphical elements with all the essentials of a clean, modern presentation.  

And yes, you can swap out the colors and images to match your brand. 

Get it here for $14 >> 


Presenting data in a way that’s visually clear and compelling isn’t easy. I’ve seen far too many charts and graphs that are a tangled mess of lines, numbers and colors with little hope of making a point (unless that point is to confuse or confound the audience?). 

That’s why I created this collection of 20 PowerPoint chart templates, complete with bar, column, pie, line, and area graphs, plus over a dozen beautiful diagrams and “infographic-style” slides that are completely customizable. 

I even put together a simple, step-by-step tutorial video that comes with the templates, so you can see exactly how to import your data, change colors, etc. And at less than $1/chart, they’re a damn good bargain if I do say so my damn self. 

Get your 20 Charming Charts for just $19 here >> 

6. SOLOIST Keynote Template

Looking for a great template to showcase lots of product or portfolio photographs? Then the SOLOIST keynote template is for you. 

Like many of the others listed in this post, it comes with four different built-in color schemes to choose from, 35 different slide layouts, and endless ways to customize. 

Not bad for just $15 >> 


Do you have a favorite PowerPoint or Keynote template you think I should include in this list? Let me know in the comments or email them to support@martafy.com.